Have you ever heard about mobile marketing and what do you think when mobile marketing strikes to your mind that selling something on mobile or doing some sort of business on the mobile. Yes, it is same but not at all.

Technically Speaking, Mobile Marketing is an online technique with multi-channel and many modules involved in this Mobile Marketing. Mainly Mobile Marketing is designed for Cell phones, handheld devices and Smartphones and much more. It is the promotional activity you can even call techniques which helps to maintain new strategy or techniques and calculating revenue at the end.

With the campaigns, SMS, Email, MMS, Social Media, Mobile Application and many other techniques are adopted within the time period and make those techniques or strategy in such a way that product or service reaching every individual with the database. Normally, the main advantage of mobile marketing is it is considered as the sensitive and most personalized information can be protected/secure within the users.

Mobile Marketing

  • Understanding Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Marketing and Social Media
  • Mobile Marketing Measurement and Analytics
  • Fundamentals of Mobile Marketing
  • Key industry terminology
  • Creating mobile website through wordpress
  • Using tools to create mobile websites
  • Using tools to create mobile app
  • Advertising on mobile (App & Web)
      1. Targeting ads on Apps
      2. Targeting ads via location
      3. Targeting ads on search engine
  • Content Marketing on mobile
  • Mobile strategy-segmentations option targeting and diļ¬€erentiation
  • Mobile marketing mix
  • SMS marketing
  • Creating mobile application
  • Uploading mobile app in Android and iOS
If you are one of the following who is looking for leveraging Digital Marketing for personal or organizational growth, then SEO course is for you:
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Sales Professionals
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Students
  • Other Professionals (IT, HR, Finance etc)
Benefits of Mobile Marketing
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