Website Planning & Creation

Web Designing is a planning of creating and updating a website which is not an easy task or business for delivering the best in class website. In simple words, website design means creating, planning and updating a website; to get a top website design business is not an easy task. You require essential planning and great basic decision making control to break down and select an organization which gives supportive outcomes for your industry. In the wake of choosing what company you should utilize, it is very much important to coordinate with them.

Course Details:

  • Duration:  15 hrs
  • Timings:  Weekdays & Weekend batches available
  • Practicals:  Unlimited Labs practical will be hand to hand in each class

Website Planning & Creation

  • Understanding Internet
  • Difference between Internet & web
  • Understanding websites
  • Understanding domain names & domain extensions
  • What is web server & web hosting
  • Different types of web servers
  • Different types of websites
    1. Based on functionality
    2. Based on purpose
  • Planning & Conceptualizing a Website
    1. Booking a domain name & web hosting
    2. Adding domain name to web Server
    3. Adding webpages & content
    4. Adding Plugins
  • Building website using WordPress in Class
    1. Identifying objective of website
    2. Deciding on number of pages required
    3. Planning for engagement options
    4. Creating blueprint of every webpage
    5. Best & Worst Examples
If you are one of the following who is looking for leveraging Digital Marketing for personal or organizational growth, then SEO course is for you:
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Sales Professionals
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Students
  • Other Professionals (IT, HR, Finance etc)
Advantages of Website Development

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